Fall colors on your nails

In the fall we changed our clothes and tones that we, according to new trends. For our manicure it was not going to be different, from what with the new station, we must also renew our glazes. Fall colors on our nails speak of new trends and textures, with so much variety that we will not know where to stay.

fall colors

Nowadays we can find all kinds of signatures for our nails. Take them painted back into vogue, and are becoming more resources with more sophisticated nail art and nail polish to create new effects. Here we discuss the tones more this fall will be for all those that are still new to the world of manicure.

This tone will be essential, both in clothing and in makeup. In your nails can wear any shade, from the brightest to the darkest. If you want a mysterious style, go for burgundy, but if you like the striking, chooses the red passion of a lifetime, now you can take throughout the year.

This is another tone star of the season, in all its nuances. From the military green to the bottle, through the intense emerald. For a more winter look, choose darker shades. For a night out, do not hesitate to get one with glitter or glossy effect.

The metallics are still a revelation. So far the most popular finish was creamy, but the metallic start to gain ground. We have seen them on many items, and this trend has come to a manicure, and not only in gold and silver tones ever, but in all sorts of colors, from blue to pink.

The glow effect gains whole day. However, if there is a party going somewhat striking effect. If you do not want to take the entire nail with these highlights, you can make a gradient, which is very popular. Only need a sponge to apply the glaze to the middle of the nail. The best thing of the enamel glitter transparent is that you can apply to any of your other shades, to get completely new nails.

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