Fall Fashion: Tips to combine your knitwear

Autumn arrives full of formulas for the original dress, the fashion, and above all without being cold. The knitwear is one of the most top trends this season and, without a doubt, a classic that can not miss in our closet.

combine your knitwear

Sometimes we were wrong when we think of knitwear and we imagine those sweaters of the grandmother that had to wear strident colors. The truth is that until these garments can be easily re-usable and can be combined perfectly with jeans, skirts and dresses that will give a great look for every day.

Before the cold weather arrives, we suggest you start digging and take scarves, hats, gloves and other accessories that you will do well to supplement with knitwear. This type of clothing is made to be able to combine various fabrics such as corduroy, fur or even the classic wool. How to combine them? Here we give some tips:

  • The reddish or orange knitted sweaters able to combine them with dark tones such as a black or gray pants.
  • The accessories like knit scarves and pink caps seamlessly combined with colors like black, white, khaki, brown or yellow.
  • Remember that it is important not to combine summer clothes with winter clothes and keep in mind that you’ll have to avoid combining different garments.
  • You can always opt for knitted sweaters in light shades like white or beige, you can combine both cold and warm colors.

For the more daring we encourage you to signing up for a course of point to start making your own designs, and for the lazier, you can always call the grandmother.

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