Do you want to have rich and long eyelashes that enhance your look? Today we explain how to put false eyelashes so that it is perfect and look natural.

false eyelashes

The first few times will cost you a bit, but quiet because it is a matter of practice. We recommend that the first time you buy several pairs, because surely some breaks. If you’re going to make up, do it first and left the false eyelashes for the final.

Stand in front of a mirror to make the task easier and takes a comfortable position. Draws your eye, this will help to put it. Measured false eyelash with the outline of your upper eyelid and trim it if necessary. Then deposit glue on the entire line of false Eyelash, uses a stick, and wait a few seconds.

Now you can place on your eyelid. With the help of a clip you can hold it with delicacy. Press gently from the center to the ends with a wooden stick.

Eyeliner again, but this time on the bottom strip of false eyelash to hide the edge of this. If you want you can apply mascara, but be careful or you will give a very dramatic effect to your eyes. You can already boast incredible eyelashes without you will notice that it is false.

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