Fashion for him: A Bet on white shirt

The white masculine shirt is reinvented and accepted any type of combinations. This is a big step for men, who often risk less than women. If it is a hit in feminine tendencies, is an essential for the male. The key is to consider not only suitable for the job.

white masculine shirt

All will agree that the more handsome men are when they are dressed in white. A simple shirt that color stands out like no other Latino features, enhancing skin tone and contrasting with the dark hair and eyebrows. But if in addition we want to be elegant handsome, do not doubt it. Put a white shirt!

White shirt accepts any cutting and combination of clothes, always emerging triumphant and highlighting any look. So it is the garment that should be present in the male wardrobe.

For the summer, best linen, which turn out to be fresh and a little more informal, and for winter the cotton, but always long sleeves. You can always be folded cuffs a couple of turns, especially in the linen, which gives them a special touch and more relaxed, own heat.

With a button unbuckled, if the physical allows it, we have before us a man who reminds us of the perfume advertisements in the waters of the Mediterranean that by something always dressed with white shirt.

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