Fashion Trend: Pajama Party!

Take off the heat from above with the softer tissues and creates silhouettes XXL with the trend more party, the pajamas. There’s still time to use this trend as summer. Forget about tight clothing to make way for the silky fabrics, smoother and softer. Discover spring trend. Here we tell you what the Pajama Party.

pajama party

The fashion pajama is somewhat risky, but if you dare, you will create a look more impossible trendy. It consists of making you with XXL trousers straight with a stamp set with the shirt or jacket, also of the same fabric and large version.

It takes too loose. Just as if a tripper pajamas. And there is grace, which is not to be at home, but to go out. At Gateway we saw the proposals pajamas at Louis Vuitton and Stella McCartney. And suddenly jumped into the streetstyle. But yes, just for daring girls.

pajama party

They tend to be geometric prints, but also any floral or even plain, as you can see in the pictures. If you do not dare to bring the total look, you can adapt one of these keys with some basic items.

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