Fashion Trends: Adapt your glasses to your looks!

Sun’s rays are very treacherous. It is therefore extremely important to think about the welfare of our eyes. The best solution? Good sunglasses. But if you are design, better than better.

glasses look

Although we go further. Have you ever thought what it would take more than a pair of glasses to suit all your looks depending on color, shape and what you were wearing? It would be so fun to be able to choose between one or the other … !

Well if you want, you can. It is possible! You just have to choose three models that are easy to carry, which are fashionable and that have colors or too flashy or too simple.

glasses look

But not only that. Now also take a lot of eyeglasses! And the more exaggerated, the better. Come, confess, you have more than one … Well for all of you, a clue! …

glasses look

The ideal is to combine it, like sunglasses, according to the look you wear. For just go completely chic. Also, remember that in the details is where the difference!

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