Fashion Trends: Join in the flyers this season

Never before had gotten a garment exalt the female body with such delicacy and sobriety. This season, the classic steering wheel returns to depress deposit in the world of fashion garments offering extremely feminine and certain folk airs. Be dazzled by this trend willing to walk our silhouette and enhance the power of the curves.

frilly dresses

Exaggerated but delicate, this is the letter of presentation of the flyers that can find this spring-summer. The walkways have been witnessed this trend reinvented willing to play with the curves of women. In small doses or total looks, fall exhausted the great designers who will be one of the hits of this season. Are you ready to discover them?

Walk your silhouette
Elegant, bold, sheer, aristocratic … versions of this trend are such that it may be hard to choose the one you like. From the sobriety of Balenciaga playing with the classic Black & White, up to the acid tones that we proposed Gucci, passing by the touch minimal of Givenchy, leaflets become the ideal for adding a feminine touch to our look attractive.

frilly dresses

New winds
In almost transparent textures in delicate fabrics like silk or romantic tulle, frills falling assure us delicate and sensuous. The steering wheel is made modern and this season offers us ways to minimal leaving behind the exaggerated and ornate appearance playing against. Now, it has the look with asymmetry and enhancing the woman’s body.

Very sixties
Add a ultra chic touch and lady betting on finishes in a ruffle maxi dresses like that you proposed by Marc Jacobs. Play with XXL necks and adds a touch of pink choosing dresses as the asymmetrical cut that offers Chloe.

frilly dresses

Trend insured
And like any good trend worth its salt, the flyers also strong among our celebrities draft. They are one of the biggest bets to show off and let on that side so feminine and elegant they bring. At mini or XL version, frilly dresses seem to stand out from the most famous faces.

Since we recommend that if you bet on this trend should avoid excessive accessories as flyers take a look clean and modest. Pull out your most sensual and commitment to this type of clothes that has already made visible between known clothing brands and low cost prices.

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