Fashion Trends: Sandals for winter

Find the balance between the low temperatures and a few feet to the fashion. The latest trend is to carry sandals as footwear, even with cold through. Do not know how to carry it? Read on … Then we show you the keys.

sandals for winter

One of the things that most surprised to enter the shop and see the new collections of autumn-winter 2012 2013, is the amount, each season more large, that there are sandals. Something that seemed impossible a few years ago is becoming increasingly common. And the most surprising thing of all is sold and the women are put!

The first explanation is that the winter season officially begins on September 1, when we are still at 30 degrees in many places and the boots and we agreed. And of course, footwear has to accompany the rest of the collection, in colors and fabrics.

If we buy an autumn dress we cannot conduct summer sandals. And it is that autumn sandals, although we think that it is the same as the summer, differ in several things. The skins are thicker, wider straps, the buckles and bigger ironworks. The colors tend to the ranges more dark and the heels are a little wider.

Best to wear it in the fall/winter and not freeze your feet are the thick stockings or socks, a trend increasingly accepted and giving it a modern twist. Although it should be correct to choose it for that you are not ridiculous. But if you dare, success is sure.

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