Find the perfect engagement ring

You have found the one, now you are planning the perfect proposal. Whether you decide to propose with a fortune cookie or a skywriter the most important part is the engagement ring. It is the first thing she will show everyone; give her something to show off. When searching for the perfect engagement rings, go to a professional jeweler to get the best options available.

perfect engagement ring

Knowing What to Look For
All women know what to look for when buying a ring, the 4 Cs, clarity, carat, cut, and color. So if you want to find her the perfect ring to show off to her friends and family get an experienced and qualified professional jeweler to help you. The most important part is setting your budget. Know what you are willing to spend before you start your search for an engagement ring.

The 4 Cs are the standards that diamond shopping is done by. First off is the cut, which is the shape of the diamond. There are several shapes some of these include princess, marquis, round, heart, pear, oval, emerald, cushion, asscher, and radiant. The cut of the diamond is what makes the entire look of the ring. Knowing your loved ones style will help you to determine what cut she may want. The second step of the cut is what determines its beauty. The cut determines how the light reflects off the diamond.

The cuts are well cut, too deep, and too shallow. With a well-cut diamond, light reflects from one facet to the other and comes out of the top; with a too deep cut diamonds light escapes through the side; and with a too shallow cut diamond light doesn’t reflect at all. The carat of a diamond is simply its weight. The higher the carat is the bigger the diamond is. Diamonds are usually colorless or have a little color. The color of a diamond is scaled from D to Z. The diamonds closer to D are colorless on the Z end the color has a deeper tone. The clarity is the measurements of imperfections in the diamond.

The fewer imperfections in a diamond the more it costs. After you have done your homework and determined what style your significant other would want you can have professional jeweler set the ring for you. At this point they can do any engraving in the band you may want. Engraving the band allows you to add personal touch to your ring choice. When you have decided on everything, even all the personal touches, make sure to give yourself at least 6 weeks for it to be ready. Proposing is a huge step, once you have made the decision to propose you want everything to go perfectly. Picking the perfect ring is what will make your proposal so memorable.

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