Flared pants never went out of fashion

It is a very bold and iconic garment, and this year back again with force. The flared trousers are a characteristic complement and make us to shine with our look. And if not, that is to say the celebrities, lovers of new trends.

flared pants

A few days ago we saw the actresses Alison Williams and Sienna Miller wearing these glamorous pants: while actress of the television series ‘Girls’ opted for a total white look, Sienna Miller wore pants in beige color conjoined with jersey oversize climb to a high platform.

flared pants

Queen of selfies Kim Kardashian has several flared pants in her closet, and although the form of this garment is impossible to hide her shapely curves. Her favorite hue remains the light brown or beige, easy tone of combining and flattering with skin tone. The American actress Kate Hudson is committed to a print pattern in black and white, while Jennifer Lopez, true to form, the looks in black and set a very provocative top.

flared pants

Among the features of this garment is its high cut to the waist or even higher. And the inspiration of seventies is very much on the design of these pants, which favor all types of women. Moreover, it is a versatile garment, suitable for all occasions: Jessica Alba shines her look in the street, a bet by a casual look and chic at the same time.

Lupita Nyong’o appeared with a very flattering look lilac in skin tone: actress ’12 years of slavery’ actress opted for purple from head to toe. The flared pants are also the perfect excuse to break with the traditional skirt or dressed in gala events, as did Olivia Wilde, with very flared pants combined with an embroidered shirt.

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