So far this spring summer season, the dresses, like skirts, were the great exponents or players, but among them, the flowers have had a privileged place almost in the prints, making the dresses with flowers in the favorite of women.

flowery dresses

Among the dresses with floral prints, short dresses are the ones that have more demand. The fact is that although it is adorable, the flowers, give that special touch and very feminine which makes a simple dress in a dress fit for any everyday situation.

In this spring summer season, in your wardrobe you have to have it or yes a dress with flower print, besides being very street style are beautiful and sensual, but also give you a great look for girls and women, the fact is that its have touch of innocence but of much sensuality that manages to snatch more than a peek when you go out.

If there are clothes that in this season you can’t do without in your wardrobe are blouses, skirts… of any type, a pair of shorts for the summer and the beach and obviously a short dress with floral print.

flowery dresses

In addition to everything that we have to say about the flowery dresses, mention the air of vintage clothing that have to take us back to the days of hippie flower power. But you can also combine them with long or short cardigans, with a vest and jeans with a big belt.

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