French manicure

The French manicure is ideal to bring life and color to our nails is therefore we show you how to do it step by step on this new trend of manicure.

French manicure

To begin, we have to choose two very distinct colors that contrast. It is important that you do not block the other.

We can choose between a manicure with normal enamel or manicure with enamel in gel or permanent.

The simple lacquers are more complicated to apply in these cases but with patience we will succeed.

If we choose permanent nail polish will be easier, even if we have short nails.

The enamel is not as liquid and will be easier to apply with the aid of a brush.

We start with the French manicure nail filing. For this type of nail art worth both nails square and round, so choose the way you like.

Then we remove the cuticles. To make it easy we apply a product that softens. If you have, you can put them in warm water and wait a few minutes. The effect is the same.

It is important to cut them since this way we will have more surface of fingernail and the glazed look better. Removed when they are soft and cut carefully.

We give some small ideas to keep in mind before you begin with your French manicure.

  • First apply the background layer, let dry and will apply another layer so that the nail is covered.
  • Then, with the nails completely dry, apply the second color. It should be darker or intense than the first one so that the first tone is covered completely.
  • We must always apply a base, two layers of enameling either continuation top coat, once the lacquer is dry, so that the nail polish last longer.

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