5 Gift Ideas to Win Over Clients

Giving a client a gift is one of the best ways to win them over. It shows that their business truly matters to you and that you go above and beyond with your business relationships. What do you get them, though? The last thing you want to do is give them something they want to throw in the trash instantly. Instead, you want to provide them with an item that they genuinely get some use out of.

Whether trying to impress a new client or keeping up a strong relationship with a loyal one, consider giving them one of these five gifts.

gift for client

1: Chocolate

Chocolate is universally loved, so it’s hard to go wrong with sending it as a gift! Don’t send any old chocolate if you want to make a good impression, though. There’s a huge difference between cheap and high-quality chocolate, and you want to gift the latter.

Corporate chocolate gifts should include high-quality, delicious chocolate that truly impresses. Think interesting flavor mixes like lemon and thyme, as well as beloved classics like sea-salt caramel.

You want to gift the kind of chocolates that the client will remember for more than five minutes! If you find some chocolate people love, you could make chocolate gifting part of your branding. Then, you’ll be remembered as the brand that provides mouth-watering chocolates.

2: A Coffee Table Book

Most businesses like to have an array of interesting books on their shelves or tables. You can help them build one by gifting them a coffee table book. Don’t buy them any book; choose one relevant to them. For example, if they are a clothing brand, search for a quality fashion book that inspires.

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3: A Subscription Box

Do you want to go above and beyond for a client? If so, get them a subscription box. By doing so, they’ll receive a monthly gift reminding them of you and your kindness.

Some great ideas for subscription boxes for clients include:

  • Candles
  • Cheese
  • Stationary
  • Self-care Kits
  • Honey

gift indoor plant

4: An Indoor Plant

Many businesses look out for ways to spruce up their workspace. One great way of doing so is with a plant, so let your client enjoy fresh greenery by gifting them an indoor desk plant.

The indoor plant works so well as a client gift as it will likely sit permanently in front of them when they work. Each day, they’ll have your gift in front of them. It means you’ll stay in their mind, and they’ll be more likely to work with you for longer!

5: A Food Basket

A food basket is a classic gift for a client. It doesn’t matter if they’ve received one before – it’s a classic for a reason. People love food, after all, which means a food basket is sure to be received with glee.

If you can, learn what type of food they like most beforehand. For example, you might have discovered that they have a soft spot for cheese, so send a food basket full of exciting cheeses and cheese pairings. It’ll show that you pay attention to the details!

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