Give a new look to your hair is very easy!

We need not puzzle over the change we want for our hair is closer than we think, and it’s easier than we think. If we want to give a new look to our hair naturally and from within, we note the following recommendations.

new hair look

If we have an absolutely straight cut and think that the hair is bland and lacks volume, what we can do is go for layers, whether we have good length as if the length that we have is midi. In case we have a XXL hair, we can ask the hairdresser to cut our layers from the chin. Thus get gain more volume and have more movement. If what we have is a bob cut, layers could start from the height of the ears and we would get the same goal.

Another idea would be that if what we want is that the hair has movement and do not stay too smooth, bet for making a hairstyle that will depend on the skill we have with the iron. A hair, no matter how long it is, earn much more if we do a set of curls with this hairdresser apparatus. At least if we curl so smooth only the tips, it will seem that it moves much more.

And finally, if what we want is a radical change can choose to change color, and for this there is nothing better to adapt to the latest trends in strands: the shadow. Say goodbye to californian that have already had their moment of glory! With the shadow we will find that new air in the form of degraded from root to tip, much softer than the californian wicks. It seems much more natural and preserves our source color.

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