Those who have myopia or hyperopia surely you have more than once raised the same issue. Is it better to wear glasses or contact lenses? It all depends on your taste, how you’re going to feel more comfortable and do you think it enhances your attractiveness.

glasses or lenses

We have drawn up a list of advantages and disadvantages both glasses and lenses so that, if you still haven’t found the answer to this question, is easier to choose.


  • It is easier to use.
  • It is cheaper. Although some are very expensive, can last many years.
  • Easy to clean. When soiled simply pass the cloth and within seconds you have it as new.
  • The entire eye area is more protected.
  • The glasses can become another complement your look and can give you a very personal and unique.


  1. Its break quite easily. Crystals and whiskers tend to be somewhat delicate and sensitive to bumps and drops.
  2. It can be uncomfortable and cause friction and marks on the face.
  3. The viewing angle is limited.



  • It is more comfortable, it’s like not wearing anything.
  • Almost no risk of breakage and therefore are much safer.
  • You can choose sunglasses that more you like without worrying about evilness.
  • If you do not favor glasses, they can be the solution so that your image is not injured.
  • The angle of vision is complete, as if you didn’t have any problem with view.


  1. Tends to be more expensive, because you have to change it more often.
  2. The eyes become dry and you have to be careful not to wear too many hours. If this happens you may suffer from irritation and you can put your eyes red.
  3. When cleaning require more sophisticated care, a perfectly clean hands and a few special fluids.

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