Glasses trends for men

We know that every fashion lover likes to go last in terms of clothes and accessories. And in supplements if there are some that stand out above the rest especially in the male section are the glasses, either sun or just view, eyewear market is constantly renewed to keep pace with the latest trends.

men glasses

The prescription glasses are not spared the power of trends and find well-defined styles in different makes and models. For example that aviator air so characteristic of RayBan sunglasses back into fashion a few seasons ago is transferred to prescription glasses with the most surprising result.

But not everything will be models as far as aviator eyewear is concerned. Fashion are also more square shapes with that touch so alluring so characteristic.

The glasses in bright colors remain an important trend. Strong colors or combinations of opposite’s colors continue to see for a while longer.

In regard to sunglasses aviator model also have its space now with some combinations in more rounded lines and softer colors.

For those looking for a pair of glasses half way between the Wayfarer and the glasses round lenses to the purest style Rayban John Lennon has been launched to the market the Meteor which are nothing more than a Wayfarer but with a somewhat more rounded and find in different colors.

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