Glitter trend: Shine your clothes!

The glitter trend is here to stay. From a few seasons ago, we are crazy about the glitter, which we have fled for years for being part of an eighties decade which was best forgotten, and of course never repeat in terms of beauty and fashion. However, on all fashion issues just returning sooner or later, and so happened to everything what is considered brilliant.

glitter trend

Manicure that leaves impossible flashes, shoes with glitter, clutch worthy of Saturday Night Fever… All’s fair in question glitter and the clothes are not going to be less promising trend in this part of our wardrobe, and not merely temporary.

Glitter, sequins or paillettes, metallic fabrics … Everything shines with splendor, and above all, is not something that is strictly reserved for the party, or night outfits. Not too distant time, all bright fabric only was showcased in the form of clothing or shoes in the day of New Year’s Eve, in the case of the more daring, in tight skirts during a normal friday night to go out for a drink with friends, or at a wedding night if it is held in winter. Furthermore, this type of event, the presence of glare was present in the clutch or purses.

However, everything has changed, and now we dare tissues flashing at any time of the day. Not only with shoes or handbags, but with blazers curdled of monocolor paillettes, skylights for the day and also dark for the night, if we continue to be classic in a matter of tone.

On the other hand, continue to shine in mini-dresses, not only in some parts of them, but on the whole structure, from the neck to the end of it. Also, if we wish to incorporate into modern looks, it is also possible with long skirts, where the golden color and transparency become one. Trends come and go, give sparkle to our life!

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