Hair Trends: The reinvention of Braid

Opt for elegance. Opt for an autumn full of sophistication and becomes soft combed hairstyles full of personality and brightness. This time we show the reinvention of the braid.

long braid

The elegance wins the battle to the Bohemian spirit and takes over the braid as one of the basics of this season. This fall pickup will bring more casual and informal of all, the Braid, but we will be much more sophisticated.

Braids are convert into long strings that cross all over our head. You will need the strongest scalp to resist its hardness. Say goodbye to the lopsided braids, because now the more is more.

A cloudless hair, demure, and with special detail of a long braid. For girls who have very distinct factions is an ideal way to further stylize the face and neck.

According to Karl Lagerfeld is a Greek curve. A hairstyle inspired by classical Greece. Flattering for all types of faces, both those who want to lengthen as who want to shorten the sensation of the face.

A symmetrical tendency, to the fashion, between Greek and Victorian and versatile. Get inspired it to create your own adaptation of more braided rope.

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