Hairstyle Step by Step: tight ponytail

Learn all these tricks one of the most sophisticated hairstyles for the summer. You will provide an image very chic, the pair that comfort. All in one. Read on to know all the secrets of the tight ponytail.

tight ponytail

A tight ponytail must be high. How to add a plus? If you include a little toupee in the result. But not only will serve to nighttime departures, also you will be able to do it to go to work, to drinking a coffee or for a more formal occasion.

The first step is to provide the hair much volume as possible. Shampoos are particularly suitable for giving way to the hair. So perfected to achieve this result. Important: leave it to dry in the air and comb with a natural bristle brush. Although not too much to not take away the entire shape that has been acquired by molding and drying.

Then in the second step you divide the hair into two parts. To provide a bulky appearance, you will have to comb the crown from the tips. And add lacquer; more is better. Remember that what we want to achieve is the volume XXL.

tight ponytail

And we continue to step three. Wrap the ponytail coiled upon itself and tries to be as tight as possible. Then twist around the root.

And as a last step, collects the hair with a rubber band and smooth the queue with the hands. Retouch yourself the carded one so that the hairpiece has a clean appearance. Although, if you prefer, you can make just the top of the hair is completely smooth and taut as possible. You decide if you stay with toupee or not.

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