Hairstyles for your face

Are you thinking about changing your look and you decide with the haircut? Let the factions of the face determine your hairstyle.

hairstyle for face

The face, the factions and the type of hair are causing a same hair cut may vary depending on the person. To follow trends blindly, trying to imitate the style of your friend or to disregard a hairdresser novice can end up causing a hairstyle anything flattering to our face.

The hair is part of our face and our factions are responsible for disclosing what the ideal hairstyle for our face. If you find the right hairstyle for you, identify with one of the following famous and play with your hair in vip key.

Oval face:
If you have factions oval as Charlize Theron; congratulations! Your face can take any haircut and styling, so jump to experiment. Try bangs with curly hair or cut your hair, anything you like.

Round face:
If your factions are round like Miranda Kerr or Leighton Meester, go in search of the oval. The ideal cut is that with volume at the top and with straight cuts without volume on the sides and base. Bet on the escalated.

hairstyle for face

Square face:
If your face is square as Sara Carbonero, bet on a haircut with volume at the top and without doubt, build coalitions to the fringe. Straight or lateral, temples should be covered to achieve oval factions. The escalated in the central part will help frame the face.

Long face:
If your face are rectangular or oblong like Sarah Jessica Parker prevents parted in the middle and straight cuts. You have to give volume at the tips and circumvent it at the top. The bangs and waves make you look great. The average long hair, the cut recommended.

Triangular face:
If your forehead is narrower than your chin as in the case of Paula Echevarria, opt for a hair cut with volume on top and bottom and sinuosity in the temple by way of locks. The collected behind the ear are very flattering.

Heart face:
If your face is characterized by an angular chin and forehead as in the case of Victoria Beckham, hairstyle is committed to vertical or oblique lines in the jaw down to round.

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