It is one of the collected at the time. A simple and original bun that each time conquest to more celebrities. Daring, natural and very easy to do it to yourself. Follow the steps below and this monkey looks reminiscent of the famous cookies shaped like a heart.

Pretzel Bun

The pretzel bun is a low bun. Although it seems that this type of collected can give an appearance more series and elegant, in the case of pretzel, is the opposite: its particular form adds us a touch of sweetness and originality, all together in one hairstyle.

For starters, divide the hair into two equal halves. Then you have to roll sideways each of the halves. Try roll each part as much as possible so that the hair tight and does not warp the effect.

The next step is simple: simply pick up the two halves that you just roll and make a knot with them. In this way, we already have which will be the basis of our pretzel.

Now we just need to get the heart shaped at the top. Very easy! Take the first left half and try to match its points to the bottom of the knot that just formed. All you have to do now is to hide those points behind the knot, so that it is not seen.

Use a fork of the color of your hair to hold that half of hair. Try putting the forks in the bottom, behind the knot to just appreciate. When finished, repeat the same step but with the right half. Fix your hair with hairspray to hold more professional, and ready!

For a more romantic and vintage, rather than roll each of the two halves, chooses to make a braid on each. Then just follow the same steps described above. And you have another variety of pretzel bun.

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