Handbags and personality

Handbags come in all styles, shapes and colors, evoking a past, a retro or perhaps seek to represent the future and used materials and highly innovative and futuristic shapes. And the aim of each one is creating an identity, build a relationship with each girl and that there is a connection that reflects the personality of each woman according to the bag.


Those who use prints want to report something, for example if it is only an image they want to exhibit an ideology, if it is a collage or union of many images no matter the what question is, which seeks to reflect is a creativity without limits and a kind of interrelation and a multicultural world and finally, all kinds of legends are being used to explain an idea or thought.

Inside every bag will be equal and although every woman is different, disorder will be the same but outside the idea expressed is totally different and can say as a girl she likes, that identifies it, who does not like between other. Everything is always guided by the tastes, and step how to grow and what each person feels.

The giant bag and spacious speak of a relaxing woman at which do not mind the weight or size also likes carry everything need without having many elements but also reflects someone who does not like change and prefer to use regular bag one that will fit all. Hand bags instead represent a woman who likes to dress up and until the bag has to be an accessory to match your clothes.

The glamor and fashion are very important. Those using backpack or rucksack, those that are crossed by the back want to show that although they are busy women and have a fairly active life; also they are uncomplicated, without live long fashion and trends and want to reveal a young look. There are some women who like using the bags a little more flashy, with stones or bright ornaments and they are looking for so that people think they are very extravagant, have enough self esteem to not care or what they say or what others think. By contrast, those who are driven only by the marks, by name, for the price and others want is to show that they have enough money to invest in themselves and in their accessories.

In terms of color, those who uses sober colors, neutral and cold is because they know that the minimal can be combined with all while the use of bold, vivid colors, mixed or textured, it is because they want to wear something younger and are guided by the current trends.

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