Home remedies to have shiny hair

The hair is a very important part in our body because, along with the face, the first thing that you see. For this reason, we usually look after very much these two parts to appear healthy and beauty.

have shiny hair

With the heat and exposure to the Sun, the uncovered parts of the body, as the face, dry out, and hair also suffers these problems. The scarcity or total lack of brightness is one of the problems that affect many women, especially in summer. Here we recommend the following keys to ensure shiny hair:

After each wash, you should apply a moisturizing conditioner and take the final rinse with cold water. When possible, it is recommended that you not use the dryer because it not makes your hair shine and not be rough. We recommend avoiding aggressive treatments such as relaxers and perms, and use products such as serum, that combine nutrition and shine and are very easy to apply.

With respect to the color, a good idea is to enhance the natural tone with hair tonics and other products as neutral henna. We do not recommend to overuse hair straighteners, and since the damage in excess and are one of the main causes of the lack of brightness in the mane.

Best not take the hair loose the days of rain or wind (weaken it, reducing brightness instantly). We recommend you to use shampoos suitable depending on your type of hair, and prioritize those that contain natural ingredients versus the artificial. It may be that dullness is indicative of a disorder or deprivation. In that case, you should put in the hands of professionals.

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