How eye makeup; find your color!

Fortunately, we have a very extensive color palette with which beautify our eyes. Faith of this gives the infinite options that we offer all the firms, and are renewed each year to better suit the new trends.

right shade

But to find the right shade for you not question of choosing to finger the one that more you like. In fact, it’s more complicated. So in writing you approach the keys to not fail and you can make the best out of your eyes.

To find the perfect tone for your eyes, in the world of makeup usually follow one rule: you must choose one that is the opposite color of your eyes. This means that if you have brown eyes, it is preferable not to choose a shade of that exact shade but one that is diametrically opposite in color, like green.

Thus, we review the pigments you feel better depending on the color of your eyes.

  • If you have blue eyes … Try golds, oranges and pinks.
  • If you’ve got gray eyes … Try blue, green and brown.
  • If you have green eyes … Try beige, charcoal and pink palette.
  • If you have honey-colored eyes/hazelnut … Try lilac and brown (it serve the color sand, the bronze or up to the darkest brown).
  • If you have brown eyes … Try greens, purples and golds.
  • If your eyes are dark brown/black … you can try navy blue, gold and green mainly.

We recall that our suggestions are directed to those who are looking for enhancing the color its gaze. If you are looking to create other effects (hardness, ingenuity, etc), Then we recommend playing with metallic tones, black, gray and white.

However, it explained so far that doesn’t mean you can’t choose the blue if your eyes are blue: the only problem is if you pick the same exact shade. Well, if you go for a lighter blue if your eyes are darker, or vice versa, the effect will be infallible.

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