How makeup fluorine; Find the fury of color!

Pay attention and follow these simple steps to achieve a natural makeup tones inspired by the season. Started!

makeup fluorine

As always, before starting our makeup, moisturizes the skin with daily cream either equal continuation with a light foundation. If you have dawned with the face fatigued notes and traces of fatigue (bags, dark circles …), first apply a concealer. Erase imperfections!

To begin, choose a shade of bluish eyes that is striking and shocking. Apply it all over the eyelid area, blending well around the eye, because as a color so intense, requires work it well on the skin to not be unsightly. Good stretch it from the end toward the eye tear. When finished, use the same color to apply gently flush the lower lashes.

To give a point of light to the look and contrast with a warmer tone, use a beige shade and apply it on the brow bone and also in the area of the banana. Now, following the trends, do not forget to line your eyes in black on the upper lashes. Make a very fine line to be subtle shade of blue that draws attention to your eyes.

To give the extra touch that your eyes need, advocates black mascara with blue highlights. In this way, you will accomplish that the blue applied in the shade reflects much more. Apply from root to tip.

To add color to your cheeks, use a trio of colors in shades of coral, very fashionable this season.

Finally, bathes your lips with a shiny gloss in bubblegum pink fuchsia tone, as the combination of blue and pink is one of the most colorful and showy favoring any look.

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