How to be a ‘trendy’ Mom

In the past, a woman could not combine the ability to retain her femininity with role as future mother. In other words, it is not that she could not continue to be concerned about image, but the concept of trendy mom was not as widespread as today. So getting to be that kind of woman sure of herself and try to have fun with clothes can be perfectly compatible when she have kids.

trendy mom

That’s why, also during the process of gestation it is advisable that we stop to think about what we want to express and how to achieve adhering to the world of fashion in our maternity version.

Far from having to worry because we will not find clothes before we become mothers, conception about the world fashion equated to the universe of moms has changed. That is, it is now much easier to find a type of unique garments to wear during the weeks of gestation and be the most beautiful, sexy and trendy. How to keep the femininity and sophistication as well, she is expecting a child?

The possibilities are clear: from being able to buy maternity clothes that practically is intended only for the pregnancy, or to buy the same parts that we would acquire if we were not a state, but of a larger size. So, we’ll go perfectly following the trends, but when we give birth and can reuse them if we restrict ourselves with belts or ties. Furthermore, if we focus on the leggings, we will also be the last, since this type of pants worn in today with blouses and wedges for the summer. In this way, we might be able to get our figure of future mothers in this topical issue of fashion.

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