How to clean up your hair in spring

With the arrival of spring and warmer weather, there are many aspects in beauty and routines that we must consider. From everything that concerns the health of our skin, through the products we buy every year at this time in a matter of cosmetics, even what it has to do with what surrounds to our hair.

clean up your hair

In this season and more than ever, it is necessary to be attentive to our hair, leaving evidence that has to be healthy if it is a long hair as if it is quite short. And we have to be prepared for it, and always perfect, we give you the keys to sanitize naturally.

Before beginning the hands to the head, never rather, for having the slightly healthy hair or having to cut great part of our long hair, we need to take care from the beginning. And how do we do? Betting on the right products depending on what are the needs of our scalp. It is important that we do not abuse of dyes and that if we use them often because our hair grows very fast, so we are not using those that are too aggressive. Protecting our long hair we will gain a lot of time and our hair will not age prematurely. On the other hand, we should occasionally acquire certain protective masks that help maintain the health of our hair whatever the season of the year.

Do not abuse the sun, protect it with brimmed hats or caps, also a good choice, since it can dry greatly, and this is harmful for everything that surrounds it. And besides, it’s not too good to spend many months or even years without cutting it. Tips are open and dry, and the more you reform with the scissor, the better it will look.

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