How to comb the bangs on the beach

You love your bangs but when going to the beach, you know well, which is nuisance if you’re not the lucky ones to which they have left straight after leaving the water. Keep attentive to our styling suggestions.

Since the trend of cutting the bangs was imposed, join it immediately. And is that the front cover is one of the tricks of visagism to frame the face and widen it, something that it favors very much to the elongated features.

However, bangs hairstyle makes you slave it grows very quickly and plays go over, have to curl, after ripples, when there is moisture… and when going to the beach, it ends up being a nuisance.

However, if you can’t with the enemy joins it and therefore we reveal some styling proposals to have the bangs under control on your days at the beach.

comb bangs

The headband

Team up this summer supplement to keep your bangs intact. Place it in a way that puts pressure on the front and avoid that the bangs are curled. Another option is to inspire you in this proposal of Fendi hairstyle with headband.

comb bangs

Recollect the bangs

If you have very long in a bun or ponytail and hold it with a clip if you want to be more secure that will not come apart.

Side Swept Bangs

Keep it straight and smooth is complicated, especially if you get into the water. Opt for comb aside and clears the front. You can hold it in the lateral with a pin if you prefer.

Rolled Bangs

Keep your forehead and wrap the bangs holding it like a toupee. In addition, you can combine it with an updo and get a very sophisticated look on the beach.

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