If we think how to combine colors in our ties with our outfit with elegance we have several possibilities: coordinating the tone of this with the shirt, creating contrast or playing with the color of the suit.

combine ties and shirts

As a general rule, the best combinations are: with printed shirts, solid color ties, and with plain shirts, single-color or patterned ties.

Here are some ways to combine your ties:

  • A black tie will contrast a very elegant black suit and white shirt, but barely be noticeable on a black shirt, which will result in a more radical look.
  • A white tie, ivory or pearl harmonizes with a white shirt but little highlight.
  • A pink tie will look great with a white shirt or blue and gray suit.
  • A red tie will go perfectly with a white shirt, blue, light blue, and for more radical musical styles with black shirt.
  • An orange tie will be ideal on an orange, white or blue shirt.
  • A perfectly harmonized blue tie with a blue shirt with the same tones or lighter, like a white shirt.
  • A green tie stand out in white shirts, black or green with lighter shades.

In the case of patterned ties there are a large variety of shapes, designs and colors. Here much depends on the creativity of the designers who dare to combinations of shapes and colors very advance guard or more classic, reaching even to use artwork.

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