How to Design the Ultimate Walk In Closet

So, you’ve outgrown your closet space. It was bound to happen eventually, right? A standard closet is no match for your impressive clothing collection, not to mention it’s unsightly and just gets in the way.

You have the space to create your very own walk in closet, so why not do it? Below are some tips on the things to consider when creating your own ultimate walk in closet.

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Planning The Ultimate Closet

I know you want to get on and have the closet already, but you need to plan for what you need and how it’s going to best serve you. Do you need more hanging space, or drawers? Do you need separate spaces for shoes? What about for accessories and handbags?

Writing down and auditing your wardrobe can really help you to plan correctly. You can get a good idea of the longest dress/suit/winter coat that will need to be hung up, and you can measure the height of your shoes to determine what size shoe storage you need, etc.

Auditing also has the added bonus of being an opportunity to go through and declutter things you no longer wear. You can also assess the gaps you have and determine what needs to be purchased.

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Designing The Ultimate Closet

Now you know the types of storage you need and the amounts, it’s time to design the ultimate walk in closet. The next crucial step is measuring out your room and figuring out where and what space you’re working with.

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Once this is done, you need to draw up the design. This is super simple when using a piece of equipment like one of the Lenovo architects computers. Or, if you’re feeling old-school, drawing it up with pencil and paper also works well!

You need to know the dimensions of the space you need, and how each of the storage components are going to fit. Remember your measurements from the first tip? This is where they become important and why they are a must do.

Things To Consider with the Ultimate Closet

You’ve started designing your ultimate walk in closet now – you may even have a vision board to inspire you on what you want it to be like – but when it comes down to actually creating your ultimate walk in closet, there are a few things to consider before building it.

  • Accessibility – There is no point building drawers or shelving way above your head if you’re not going to be able to safely reach them. Or, if there is no other option, maybe incorporate somewhere to place a stepstool.
  • Cost – Designing your ultimate closest is great, but the realities come into play when you start costing. Drawers are great, as is pull out shelving and rotating hanging storage, but the hardware for all of those bits can quickly add up. Open shelving, for example, can work just as well, is much cheaper without the doors, hinges etc. and is a lot easier to build.

So, you’ve got the plan in place now, all that’s left is to create it! Within no time at all, you will have your ultimate walk in closet, a happy place for you to keep all your most treasured items: your clothes!

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