How to dress according to the color of your hair

Have you ever noticed if your look sticks with your hair color?

In the same way that you choose clothes that enhance your chest or that conceal your hips, very few people who give importance to hair color when they decide to choose their style. The best way to highlight a pretty face is to combine outfits with hair color and we want to tell you how.

dress according to hair color

When it comes to deciding what clothes to wear, your hair color should be one of the main determinants as there will be colors that you will favor more or less.

The colors, feel better to the moraines are turquoise, crimson red, sapphire blue, violet, lime green … flashy and hard colors that create contrast with dark hair.

For women with black hair, which looks should opt for basic colors like black, white and gray, predominate. If you are daring, go for nude tones and pastels are so fashionable this season.

Blondes are perhaps have fewer problems to combine clothes with hair color. You feel almost any color but, in particular, carmine red, blue and silver.

Redheads should be especially careful when it comes to combine properly. It is said that the color par excellence of redheads is green and its different shades. The olive green feel phenomenal since it highlights your hair color. In addition, black is also a great choice for those that have red hair.

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