How to dress for the holidays: forget the black!

Christmas parties are falling and still don’t know how you’re going to dress up? Many times it is difficult to know what the most appropriate costumes to go out on these occasions. The holidays are one of the events where we can show garment therefore we will be able to extract of the closet our most daring and bright clothes.

dress for holidays

The black is a classic color that never fails, but also seen and too boring. We always think of surprising or want to make ourselves see in the holidays, but with the hurries or the indecision we always end up by choosing for the typical garment or black monkey. We want to forget the black, and therefore will give you other alternatives:

Evening gowns can be an elegant outfit for events such as cocktail parties or evening parties. A mid-calf dress with silver sequins and uploaded neckline may be a suitable option as it always combines with high-heeled shoes. Sequins, fringes, or other embellishments such as bows give much elegance to the outfit. Strapless pink or purple color dresses also are an option that never fails, where we can add rhinestones or more bulky accessories.

A very vintage look and fashion are short fringed dresses, whether red, red or burgundy wine will make you stand out at any party. Do not get bogged down in terms of cutting, as it will be time to take mini- skirts or short dresses, or otherwise gowns if you have a more formal and elegant party.

Other options are to combine low-cut black pants with a blouse in various shades, which predominates gold or silver. A blue satin long dress allows you to add to your look more voluptuous and sophisticated golden complements. Although you can always opt for a skirt half leg of orange, green or blue combined with a top polishing. Some of the options that will allow you to escape from the black and be original at the time of going out.

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