Nerves and excitement with which we expect a first date can get to play tricks. Sometimes we decided to introduce ourselves as sensual and daring wearing just a ‘look’ that can reach us uncomfortable and do not enjoy the most of the time. To avoid these complications last minute from we want to give you some tips to dress perfect for first date.

dress perfect for first date

It is true that one first date is the most important first impression. For this reason, we should feel beautiful and sexy but above all, we should be comfortable. How do you get a look that comfortable and the time to impact your partner? We recommend you follow these tips:

The purpose of a first date is a good impression and has a good time so that the other person left wants to know more about us. Men do not often set as much as we in the clothes we wear, the set simply look if they like. In this sense, choose normal and comfortable garments that create a pleasant look to the eye and let oversized jewelry and accessories for another day; you’ll want to not look like a Christmas tree.

In the same way that we say that men do not realize if we wear a black or brown bag, it does tend to pay attention to details like the hands of a woman and our manicure. For this reason, recommend that always bear the perfect manicure and colors to be consistent with personality.

Makeup should be understated. We recommend you a washed face makeup but highlighting the part of your face that you like: eyes or lips.

The perfume is more important than you think. The person above you who are, you partner with a smell. For this reason, you have to think what perfume goes according to your personality, above all, not to exceed in quantity. Smell well is a very pleasant feeling but have the feeling that you have just put a very strong perfume can create repulsion.

Avoid very high heels because on a first date can give you more problems and pain than anything else. Appointment may be drinking coffee but what if he decide acquainted by taking a tour through the center of the city? For nothing will distract even the shoes, so recommend leaving heels for another occasion.

Bring out the attributes of your body that you like the most without being brash. If you have pretty eyes, combine the clothes with the color of your eyes or you can also combine them with hair color, if you have long, slender legs, lucid a nice skirt or a short dress. robe a striking but not very deep cleavage because it may mislead.

Following these tips sure that your first date is a success.

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