How to Dress Sharp and Attract Attention

The phrase “how you dress is how you are addressed” and “first impression matters” are all very true. From the first time we step into a meeting, get-together parties or any kind of social gathering events, we are constantly being observed and scrutinized starting from what we have on ourselves as an attire to the kind of shoes that graces our foot and like it or not people will eventually draw conclusions about us based solely on what they see and observe about us in the first few seconds they come in contact with us.

dress sharp

To ensure that people form nice and impressive impressions about us, we must endeavor to dress the way we want to be addressed. If you are short on dressing tips that will attract attention your way and give you the much needed recognition you have been secretly craving for then we urge you to continue reading as this article because it’s packed full with slew of sharp dressing tips for both men and women.

Pay attention to the type and quality of shoes you have on! It sorrows my heart when I see people mostly guys letting their standard run low because of the poor choices of shoes they have on a nice pair of outfit. I don’t know what it is these men think of shoes. Maybe they are of the opinion that people rarely pay attention to it since it is usually worn on the foot. Well, these assumptions are very wrong. Shoes are almost the first thing people (mostly ladies) take notice of from the first moment you walk into a bar, office and other social gatherings. To uphold and sustain the impression you want people in the office and outside the office to hold of you, be sure to always wear high quality and nice looking pairs of shoes whenever you going out for formal and semi-formal outing and also even when you are going out on a date with your spouse.

Wear high quality wrist watch! The type, model and quality of wrist watch dangling from your wrist can give out a lot of information about your personality. People often weigh how affluent and how well-to-do an individual is from the first moment they walk in by the quality and grade of watch the have on their wrist. What do you want people to think of you when you walk into a room full of folks? Wealthy? Affluent? Or Well-to-do? Whatever it is you have in mind, be sure to pick the right quality of wrist watches that will reflect it. While you are at it picking a premium quality timepiece, you don’t actually have to go for the most expensive ones as most of the automatic watches under $500 will do just fine.

If possible, match your belt with your shoe color! Yes. Whenever possible try to use the same color of waist belt as that of your shoes. Say you are going out on a pair of brown leather Italian footwear, it will make you look classic and trimmed of you also complement the shoes with a brown colored belt round your waist.

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