How to dress well on a rainy day: Looks to maintain the style

On rainy days we always bring headaches when it comes to dress. It is vital to have a couple of pieces prepared for rainy days. The essentials are: water boots, a raincoat and umbrella. Then you just need clothes to match those clothes. We tell you how to keep the style in the rainiest days.

dress well on a rainy day

The wellies are very important when it comes to dressing a rainy day. The anoraks or raincoats have changed a lot in recent years and there are now modern and contemporary models. As for umbrellas, the flagship model remains transparent plastic.

For several seasons the wellies are trend. The Hunter is the most prized by fashionable and have many patterns and colors to choose from. The only downside is that they are expensive. In other stores you can find beautiful boots in low-cost version.

The easiest is to bring the rain boots with skinny jeans or leggings as this way the boot fits better. Also look great with dresses or skirts; of course you have to wear socks if it’s cold. Wellies can be plain or printed and are usually plastic. The boots are trending water because they are less bulky than the boots.

Anoraks and raincoats
For the days of autumn and spring when it rains more bet on an anoraks style jacket or mens belted raincoat. Raincoats are patterned with flowers or other colorful print. It should always wear a hood. The smooth waterproofs are always easier to combine. The raincoats are ideal to protect us from rain and can be reused to carry on other occasions, to go to the mountain.

But want to bring a raincoat can bet on the classic trench coat. Select a camel or beige color that combines with everything. Try to always be a raincoat with waterproof fabric. Many of them are already as well.

Hardly anyone pays attention to umbrellas; all usually tend to take the first one that we see. But an umbrella in one more accessory and we need to give it the importance. Currently many brands made models of umbrellas with prints used for clothes. Transparent umbrellas are the most seen, combining with everything. The folding umbrellas are the most comfortable and which last less. If you prefer, you can opt for mount umbrella. It is very stylish and more difficult to forget and break.

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