How to Look Chic On the Slopes

The trends in ski clothing this year follow last year’s trends very closely. The clothing is made with warmth, durability, protection, and high breathability in mind. The trend is moving towards clothing items which can be worn on the slopes or in everyday life such as to work or running errands. The result is that the market has something for everyone this year. Each person can have clothing and styles which both follow the trends and allow for individualism.

ski clothing

Some individuals will be choosing to stay with traditional black and beige; however, colors are still very much a trend. The athlete can choose from a range of playful to flamboyant colors or choose to stay in the neutral tones. The main trend this year will be towards the less flashy and more stylish clothing; however, this does not mean that color is not an option.

Trends this year also point towards a return to the look of wearing all one color. The pro-rider Seb Michaud has been spotted wearing an all yellow outfit this season. To wrap up the color trends, the main colors this year will be violet, lime green, camellia rose, electric blue, orange, and red. There is also a return to nature-inspired colors that can be worn, not only on the ski slopes, but in everyday activities. The colors featured on these jackets will be olive and brown, beige and tobacco, navy blue and grey – sometimes these will be combined with brighter colors but not always.

ski clothing

Cuts and Styles
The cuts and styles of ski and snowboard clothing will be varied this year. The cuts of snowboard and ski clothing this year will be in the ‘slim’ fashion – more fitted but still mobile. The products will be soft shell or all stretch. Tailor-fitted clothing will also be popular. Parkas that are longer and can be worn on the slopes or to work will be in-style this season. This type of crossover carries over from the trends of last year’s season. The styles will range from the Formula 1 style to the work wear/lumberjack look and, of course, stretch is now very popular. The look of the clothing will be sleek and stylish; however, puffy jackets will always be popular due to the warmth.

This year’s fabrics will be all about nature from the colors to the type of fabric and will vary in volume and look. Designers will be using all natural or pseudo-natural fabrics. Some designers will use wool in the all layers while others use a mixture of wool and goose-down. Athletes will see a lot of velvet and canvas on the slopes this year as well.

Whatever your style or preference, the trends in ski and snowboarding equipment this year has something to offer for you. There is a wide range of colors, fabrics, styles, and cuts available.

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