How to recognize when a garment is of good quality?

The test in light, zippers, components and seams, there are some of the signs that can indicate the quality of a garment. Learn to identify them and do not spend too much money for a product that will not meet your expectations.

check garment

The zippers. When a garment is of quality, the zippers will be perfectly finished with threads of the same color and hidden, not to be, to leave the zipper in sight is an aesthetic element. It is also important to look at whether the zipper goes up and down easily.

Watch the garment against the light. If this is very transparent, you can doubt its quality. Remember that the more opaque and thicker, the better.

The test of elasticity. Pull the fabric and release it a few seconds later. Ideally, it should quickly return to its original form. But, if on the contrary deformed, it is better that you do not take it with you to home, as it will most likely lose the silhouette in a short time.

The wrinkle test. Take some of the fabric and squeeze it in your hand for a few seconds. If the release is much wrinkled, doubts its quality, unless that is the nature of the fabric or if it is linen.

Perfect seams. Before buying a garment you must check the seams, as these must be prefect and very well reinforced. Pay attention to threads, possible loose stitches, twisted lines and all kinds of imperfections. If it comes to prints like plaids, stripes or polka dots, make sure the figures match at the seams. A bad bonding reveals the lack of care in the fabrication of the piece.

Trust in your touch. It never hurts to experiment with texture. Opt for soft tissues to the touch and that adapt fluently to the silhouette of the body.

Look at the composition of the fabric. It is essential to learn to read the labels that come with the clothes. Look for natural fibers such as wool, cotton, linen or silk since these resist better the wear of the time and the washes. Avoid synthetic ones such as polyester, acetate or rayon.

Buttons in place. Regarding the buttons you should notice that these are well placed (you will not want them to fall on the first entry) and that the buttonholes which these must enter are of the correct size. When the garment comes with a spare button is a good sign of its quality.

Labels. In general, good brands include instructions on how to wash clothes, and information such as size, composition, logo and place of manufacture.

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