How to remove static electricity from hair?

If you suffer from bad capillary levitation, these tips will help you a lot, don’t suffer anymore on winter days, or start hating your scarves, better follow all these simple steps.

Brush less and moisturize much more and good hair care will make a difference, but in order to treat something in depth we must know what causes it, don’t worry, here we will know everything we need about static in the hair.

how to remove static electricity from hair

Why does static electricity occur in hair?

This happens when a lot of electrical energy accumulates, as a consequence we have fluffy hair full of frizz and very difficult to manage.

Is it normal for hair to have static electricity?

There are many people who have electricity in their hair, this is something really frequent, hair that is very fine or very dehydrated are the most likely to carry electricity.

What are the causes for hair to have static electricity?

The reality is that simple and everyday things cause electricity, rubbing against some fabric of our clothes, or with the brush, although this is done little by little and even more so if it rains or there is humidity, if we have very thin hair, and even the footwear we use influences whether it is made of rubber.

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Tips to eliminate static electricity in hair

Relax, here we will teach you tricks so that this does not happen anymore, you just have to learn and apply these simple steps and adapt them to your daily routine, since for this you do not have to go to the salon or spend a lot of money on treatments, you can do it from your own house.

eliminate static electricity in hair

Rinse hair with cold water after washing it

The residues of some creams and conditioners can cause static in the hair, therefore, take showers calmly and remove all remaining creams or shampoos that are remaining. In addition, the last rinse must be with cold water, since this seals the cuticle and also provides shine to the hair looking spectacular.

Thoroughly remove excess water

After having finished the hair washing process, it is recommended to dry it well with a towel, and even more, if you put it to the heat of the dryer and if you are going to untangle it, do not rub the hair with the towel, dry it gently.

Using wooden combs

Plastic combs affect our hair because they produce static electricity, but wooden combs and brushes do not generate electricity or frizz, distribute the natural fat of the hair being hydrated and shiny, massage the scalp stimulates hair growth and also relax you.

Use anti-frizz products

It is advisable to use anti-frizz products, especially in the winter season due to humidity, today there are many products that help control static and frizz in the hair and the truth is that they are a blessing. Apply it before drying your hair or pass the iron as it also protects it from heat.

A tip when you need to remove static from your hair super quickly, use wipes that are used for the washing machine, and pass one of these through your hair, they also serve to clean your combs and brushes.

Massage hair with olive oil

One of the most common causes of electricity in the hair is the lack of hydration in the hair, that is why we must keep it hydrated, that is why we recommend making homemade hydrating masks or taking an olive oil bath once a week.

Spread olive oil all over your hair before washing it, let it act for 20 or 30 minutes and then remove with plenty of water and shampoo, you will have strong hair full of life and shiny.

Apply hairspray when combing

The iron is a great tool to show off straight hair, but we must use it very carefully, if after passing it the hair is still electrified, take a comb, apply hairspray and pass it through all your hair.

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Using later soled

In humid weather you can replace rubber-soled shoes with leather-soled ones, thus avoiding static in your hair.

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