How to stylize a short top waist

Want to learn how to get you out more with the size and style? Mindful of these styling tips.

If we were talking about what size we have, more than one would have doubts. We may have noticed that the same shirt you and your friend will feel differently, and that is due to the size.

short top waist

This time, we focus on the short size over how identify it? It is so easy to see which height we still have the waist. The women who have a short upper waist, waist is left above the level of the elbows. Are you one of them?

If the answer is yes pay attention, because we reveal below, keys to choose the most flattering garments. Neither surgery nor operation or miracles. As easy as playing with the fashion style is visually achieve a silhouette.

It is advisable to win slenderness that garments have vertical linearity. In addition, the following Mindful tips for styling!

  • Favors the monochromatic dress of a single garment. Avoid block color because you subtract visual continuity that helps visually stylize the silhouette.
  • Avoid dresses with cut at the waist, just highlight the short-waisted and belted those tight at this point.
  • No upper garments are advisable too short. Banish the tops, bandeau … and choose clothes that are at least about 10 cm below the waist.

If you’re a fan of supplements, keep in mind that it will also help you stylize the upper waist. how?

  1. When choosing necklace, check out the long necklaces that will get you linearity.
  2. If you love the scarves and handkerchiefs, especially in season of halftime, avoid cloth around the neck and try to put it vertically.
  3. The belts also have its effect on the figure. Avoid that adhere to the waist and opts for the model of hip with which you will be able to stylize the trunk.

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