How to use pumice stone

Pumice stone: Do you know how pumice stone is used? Let’s see all the uses of this valuable cosmetic. The pumice stone is undoubtedly a great ally of beauty. Some of you may know it for some time, many others, however, only knows it by hearsay. When we talk about the pumice stone, we refer to a stone with a natural abrasive effect, useful to soften the skin and eliminate dead cells. Its most frequent use is in the feet, but it is not its only use.

use pumice stone

Pumice stone is not too hard

Before going on to indicate the uses of pumice, a small tip: not all are suitable for use on the skin or in very delicate parts of the body. There are some types of pumice stones available in the market, which are very hard and not suitable for exfoliation. So you must choose specific products for this purpose.


One of the most common cosmetic uses of pumice stone is of course the pedicure. If you are wondering how to treat the calluses of the feet, the answer lies in this product, capable of exerting an abrasive action that should eliminate too strong skin.

podiatrist at home

Use it for the podiatrist

The pumice stone is ideal for a thorough podiatrist at home. First put your feet in soak and then, rub the soles of your feet and ankles without exerting excessive pressure. To avoid irritation make circular and delicate movements. Then pass a soft cloth to remove the dry skin and apply a moisturizing lotion.

Against the corns of the hands

Now that you know how to soften the feet, we can move on to another use of the pumice stone. Its abrasive surface can also be used to soften the skin of the hands and eliminate calluses.

Against the hardness of the hands

Pumice stone is one of the essential accessories for a perfect manicure. Immerse your hands in a basin filled with warm water and let soak for about ten minutes. Once the skin looks softer, dry it with a cloth and use the pumice stone to remove the hardness.

To wax

Another use of pumice stone is the removal of unwanted hair. It can be used, therefore, to remove hair in a more natural and smooth way.

Use it for hair removal

To remove the ingrown hairs from the legs or arms with the pumice stone, you only have to use it in the shower or while you bathe in the bathtub. Wait until the skin is soft and then gently rub the stone against the skin in circular motions.

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