How to wear a tie for women?

The good thing about fashion is that it allows you to innovate and be creative, despite that, sometimes when we want to use a garment that not many women use, do not know how to combine and we make simple mistakes. That is over, if you’re considering purchasing a tie, we will teach you the basic tips for the treading with style – Pay attention!

women with tie

The long tie, the ideal complement to office outfit
Men do not understand why it took to go to the office, it’s hard to explain, but hate to repeat an outfit in the office. It is a classic everyday problem and the truth does not always have money to renew the closet. So advice is to change your outfit, just using a tie. Look how good it looks!

Despite the fact that in Europe it is common to see women in tie, in Latin America still isn’t as easy to get these items, what recommend is to start with small ties for men. In this case, for example you can combine your necktie with a shirt and a skirt in the waist. The white shirt is classic, yet today you have other options, such as melon, blue, etc.

Ties with Black & White combination
Black and white this combination will never go out of style, this case for example have combined the collected pants that reach the ankle with a white shirt, suggest using a red tie, and blue is very fashionable.

women with tie

Small ties with dresses for a chic look
These blouses with transparencies are fashionable; you can get them at any store and waist skirts too. If you are the type who love the black color, then this is for you, one small animal print tie. You will think you are hard to get, but now the internet is all easier, look them in the online boutiques ties for ladies, rest assured that you will find.

Do you like dresses? Do not hesitate to give a special touch to your favorite dress with a bow tie of a combined color that you highlight your outfit.

Tie knots: to take into account
This is a knot widely used in Europe, definitely gives you a glam look perfect for a night out. We recommend you use gauze blouses from the color of your choice, and obviously with styling cues to stylize your body.

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