They were absolute last year trend, when suddenly; we find that the 90’s were again highly topical. We refer, of course, it has to do with crop-tops, that piece of clothing that was introduced in our closets for a couple of seasons, and no plans to leave just like that. It is logical that these kinds of garments we considered as something strange at the beginning, but now we could not pass without them. And the time to establish as combine it, what can we do to get most out of it?

wear crop-tops

The possibilities are much more varied than we might think at first, and that far from being a kind of trend that will go unnoticed, it is becoming increasingly more topical. Therefore, we propose a series of looks with this type of crop-tops for summer; all get to be great no matter the occasion.

With a skater skirt: A short skirt flying a little high cut, give us the opportunity to establish how we can use the crop top successfully. Just keep in mind that if the piece is cut and the sizes of the skirt up to be exposed a small area of the abdomen that does not leave anyone indifferent.

With a midi skirt: The sensation of the season and it is something essential. Use this type of length below the knee that we get perfectly dressed in the latest fashion without difficulty. In addition, we may use with these crop tops sufficiently reduced.

With jeans: If you have high sizing, then we will certainly come back to the decade of the 90’s, something that will make us look better this kind of looks that are not only outdated, but are imperative.

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