How to wear flat sandals

It’s a fact: we all love to wear heels. Whether to attend a special event or appointment, or for our every day. Whether we deal with them good or bad, the truth is that, above all, our shoemaker is overflowing of this type of footwear with height. But not all situations are the same, or we wake up every day with the same mood to fit us with this type of design, there must also be a special hole for the flat.

wear flat sandals

And in this case, we are referring to a type of shoe in question which are flat sandals, which will give us many trendy type options, and although we think it is only proper for the day, the truth is that it help us to be the most stylish at all times. What is the best part? We will always comfortable, as we will be at ground level.

For starters, we can create, in effect, that kind of more relaxed or casual outfits, it can give us a pair of jeans, accompanied by a funny t-shirt or a gauzy blouse. Moreover, we can also combine it with some shorts or skirt to show off legs this summer.

If what we really want is to get a lady look giving up heels or wedges, what we must do is giving prominence to the dress in question and let the supplements are more relaxed, from a bag with handle or shoulder strap until these flat sandals that we occupy.

Moreover, it is always advisable to have some sandals with no heel for those times when we are late or have a lot to walk and carry heels in the bag. We will solve life more! Take advantage of your flat sandals.

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