How to wear pencil skirts

Spend time pass, the ever banish from our closet. They are thin, elegant, and feminine, sophisticated … and saved many possibilities that we can combine with other items that are present in our wardrobe. What type of clothing that we talk? Undoubtedly, the pencil skirts. Is there a add fashion to give as a unique prism styling? They are also available in different textures and lengths, plus styles, depending on our body and condition, with the aim that we always come to our best figure.

wear pencil skirts

One more season, fashion houses have shown that continue to be a must in the dressing of women around the world, and that we can get hold of them whatever the situation in order to be beautiful and safe ourselves. If we draw attention, we feel like having one of them but we are unsure how we would use with other pieces we have in our home, here are some options for to succeed in each of our public appearances.

The first one has to do of course, with a look composed of shirt or blouse – stuck on the inside of the skirt, always – and a long- good heel. You’ll have that elegant and sophisticated look that always accompanies this type of design. Another of them, could be with a few wedges heel in summer, if the skirt is not too dark and it includes spring motives, why not bet on them?

Moreover, the flat footwear is not the best thing if you are not high enough, since such cuts often below the knee. If you dare, take it without complexes! Ballerinas, sports, ballet pumps… Anything goes with this special skirt.

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