How to wear shorts in summer without dying in the attempt

When summer comes the shorts are garments that look so light, fresh and comfortable they are. Garments with which we can feel at ease to continue our usual life much more temperature.

how to wear shorts

In recent years this garment has become a must that reinvents itself every summer, with new lengths, shapes, and colors. The shorts are carried each year in a thousand and one versions, but one of the essential in the wardrobe of any good fashionista are the jeans shorts, a perfect garment for life both in the city and at the beach.

Trends in shorts for this summer are very clear: It still carries the high waist, perfect to hide the tummy and combine it with a short shirt, creating a look very pin up. This year will no longer carry so caught up, but that fashion tends toward more loose clothing. For the most elegant looks are embossed or lace, and even before. The best thing about shorts is that you can combine it in infinite ways, therefore it become useful items for any time of day.

To go out at night: What else is the suede fabric, and if you add a crop top you will give in the sure nail. To put the finishing touch to the look, you can opt for one good Roman sandals or high heels.

To go to the beach: What’s been kept broad shorts, of cotton that are not permanently attached to the skin, much cooler. The pastel colors are taking the palm. Combine it with your favorite bikini and you will have a few shirts and look perfect.

Comfortable and versatile, now you know why you conquer shorts every summer. This year, do not hesitate to show off as ever because still very popular at this time, and apply these trends to always go to the last.

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