Hydrated skin: Tips to have a glowing complexion!

With the arrival of warm weather and increasingly intense sun, our skin begins to feel the effects: dehydration, dryness and even peeling. Put stop before they get worse and discover how to get a skin fresh and juicy 24 hours a day. Below we will reveal all the keys to show off skin this spring.

hydrated skin

The choice of moisturizing products on which we focus is more important than it seems. For our skin to regain its luster and perfect look this spring is vital ally with creams containing active to ensure hydration for hours and high penetrating ability to effectively fulfill its function.

For the face
With the heat it is completely habitual that we sweat. Therefore, it is advisable that alids with a face cream that is absorbed quickly to avoid the dilation of the pores. Textures of fluid or gel type become your indispensable.

Take advantage of advances in the field of cosmetics and is committed to a cream in addition to providing hydration you need, add a plus to your skin. For example, active creams for the retention of water in your skin or to protect the hydrolipidic. Say Yes to the multifunction creams!

For body
In addition to moisturizing, you should go for creams to help you nourish your skin. The excessive heat and sun take their toll especially dry and mature skins. As a result, the skin takes on a cracked and brittle due to lack of lipids.

To curb its appearance, use every day a nourishing cream, paying attention to rough areas of the body, such as elbows, knees and the front of the legs. One trick that never fails is to add to your regular lotion a few drops of body oil. You’ll notice!

A powerful ally
In addition to helping your skin from outside, you can do from within thanks to effective nutricosmetics. More and more women who use them. While it is true that we do not notice its effects until the first 3 months, are a safe bet as required we want to cover.

For a total hydration of our skin, you must choose compressed rich in vegetable oils such as evening primrose or borage. By incorporating high in omega 3 and 6, will help you retain more water on your skin, effectively strengthen the skin barrier.

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