Ideas for combining espadrilles

It is an undeniable fact, re-take the sandals! We like them or not in the first instance, it is true that regardless of the brand of shoes, we find this type of unconventional shoes that have become a must have completely unique.

combining espadrilles

Although at first we swear not to turn to put on them, after have been banished from our closet several years ago, we have already fallen down. Therefore, and with them already on our feet, how can we combine them? For starters, need to bet for them in a basic tone so they can go with everything. So, we will take them far in matters of party looks.

For starters, the more conventional styling, with which surely succeed of insurance that the hand of these espadrilles, is without doubt with a summer dress. Yes, that kind of dresses we have in our closets and we always use this time of year, it might have sleeves or straps, and having flight skirt. With them we can get this type of footwear as it’ll get a look as preppy in the style of Taylor Swift.

If what we want is completely relaxed and easy outfit, then we will have to bet either jeans or jeans in denim fabric combined with a fun summer t-shirt or as a flowing white blouse that goes with everything. We will feel most comfortable, and will not stop being to the last one with this type of guidelines.

But if what we want is to be faithful to our lady style and did not pass unnoticed in the street style, then it is best that we use a midi skirt with flight and crop top. In the feet, espadrilles will be the fashion of this summer. And to succeed!

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