Ideas of short hair for women

Whether you’re thinking of cutting your curls hair or you’re simply looking for new ways to style your hair, remember that short hair can be extremely versatile. Its styles range from bulky to sleek and sexy and feminine. No matter what style you choose to use, remember to start with styling products to give your hair the texture you need to achieve the hairstyle you chose.

short hair for women

Fairy and textured
If you have wavy or curly hair, fairy cut will flatten your natural texture. Cut your hair about an inch longer than the traditional fairy cut, in which is cut close to the scalp, so shine your waves. Use your fingers to place yourself ointment between your curls to sculpt your hair. For additional texture and volume, twist the ends of your hair with ointment in your hands.

The rounded cut
Add a little volume to your long curls until your ears focusing on rounding the top of your hair with a brush or roller. Spray an aerosol to add volume and enhance your wicks. Then dry your hair with a hairdryer and become a side part, slightly off. Use the comb or velcro rollers to bend the ends slightly inward, creating a thin and feminine style.

The two asymmetric levels
For a provocative look, cut your hair near your scalp at the back and sides, but leave a few inches longer at the top of your head, near the crown, and slightly layered. This allows you to model your hair short in some ways. Put foam on your strands and comb the hair forward, toward your face to create a messy look. You can also use smoothing serum or gel to throw your hair back or to the side with a lustrous appearance.

The modern cut up to the shoulders
A style that is best in the hair is naturally straight cut up to the shoulders, a few inches below your ears. Give a twist to this classic cut while your damp hair with conditioner and anti-frizz serum for a very elegant look. Dry your hair with a dryer and a round brush to straighten it and curl the ends of your hair, or use a curling iron to curl 2-inch sections of your hair and achieve a more formal style. Run your fingers through your hair to add texture and finishes with a lacquer of light fixation.

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