Infallible fashion tips for petite women

Many of us are petite, yes. We sometimes hard to find pants that have the perfect length, or skirts or dresses that are not go too long, finally! Things that only petite can understand … and we are not few! In fact the vast majority have an average height of 1.50 cm to 1.70cm. That is for all petite, today we want to list items and tips for wear perfect. We will give you clues about which clothes you favor and which to avoid.

tips for petite women

Let’s start with the clothes. Something as simple as jeans can make the petite see longer legs; obviously not seem higher, but the visual effect of lengthening the leg always helps. The high-waisted pants are perfect for this effect.

In dresses and skirts nothing better than mini type, being choruses and teach more leg, produces the same effect as the previous pants, visually lengthen the leg. But if we want to wear a mini skirt and want to take somewhat longer, a good option is that the skirt is high waisted, if we also combine it with crop top the effect is multiplied.

tips for petite women

With regard to footwear must be careful. Especially without decided to bring boots because it can make us look more petite. If we choose high boots, it is best that we let them with heels or wedge and of course with short dresses.

If we go to the capillary field, we all know what the petite feel good, bows or high ponytails, and even short hairstyles – although long hair is all divinely, of course.

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