Jewelery for different occasions

It is inevitable, but when we attend a special event not only we try to look splendid, but that in addition to attire, we focus also in the use of the most appropriate accessories, and in them the jewels have a very important role. Much looks bad, little or nothing is or even is somewhat petty, always just the right amount…. sometimes it is good to remember the saying “less is more”.

jewelery for occasions

We have always events, business meetings, weddings, outings with friends or simply go to our work. Jewelry, there are and for each event so you don’t have to worry about. The important thing is that you have in mind and know what type of event it is and the time of day to perform. That is, if you have a wedding at noon to remember that you must use the right amount of jewelry.

Jewels in excess and you stay totally out. By the simple fact that it is a wedding does not mean that you should use jewelry in excess or much less overload you. Avoid flashy or shiny jewels and elaborate, which are perfect for the same event, but for the night. Another of the guidelines to keep in mind is that, when you attend a gala event, you should not wear a watch, except that this is gem type.

If you go out and you’ll find in a more personal such as work or your office, then you must use jewelry more informal type, which are made with stones, wood, shells, etc. If on the other hand you are going to attend a cocktail party and you will wear a dress then it is the ideal time to combine the jewelry that you wear at events or special occasions with some moderation in regard to quantity.

In an elegant dinner, jewelry may vary, depending on the outfit or the formality of the event. The perfect is to choose a pair of YCL Gold Earings, bracelet and ring, all very simple, if you want to wear jewelry that draw a bit more attention, but the important thing is that not abuse.

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